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Press kit - Press release - Electric Hibachi: an electric grill adapted to urban living - ALTO Design

Electric Hibachi: an electric grill adapted to urban living

Montréal, Canada

ALTO Design

Montréal, Canada, 2015-05-12 -

Downtown Grill mandated ALTO Design to develop a new high-performance electric grill model. The vision consisted in recreating an icon like the classic Hibachi, well-known for its simplicity.

An ambitious project

When designing the product, ALTO Design had to take into consideration several determining factors such as look, functionality, ergonomics and price.

In carrying out this project, ALTO Design had to overcome several challenges. Air circulation between parts was optimized to make sure the housing stays cool at very high temperatures. User safety is ensured when grilling outdoors because the device is perfectly watertight. The grill is also sealed and assembled to take into account thermal expansion.

Several functional features were also integrated to minimize the number of parts using aluminum casting, which allowed us to consider several ingenious design options. Not only does aluminum promote heat dissipation, but its look reflects elegance and refinement.

The Electric Hibachi garnered several honours at the 2014 Grands Prix du Design in the industrial design, kitchen product category.

Revolutionary technology

Offered by Downtown Grill, ThermoCeramix™ is a revolutionary patented heat transfer technology. Its extraordinary conductivity is at the heart of the design and performance of Downtown Grill products. It is truly revolutionary while honouring the tradition and authenticity of grilling.

The device, powerful enough to reach 700 °F in less than 10 minutes, can reach and maintain optimal temperature, even in the open air, thanks to the ThermoCeramix™ technology. The high heat generated allows the grill to reach and maintain the critical temperature at which food juices and proteins transform into intense aromas and flavours, thus creating perfect grill marks on meat. Few grills can generate this reaction.


In the kitchen. On the balcony. Anywhere.

Ideal for condos and apartments, flame- and gas-free, and based on a 100% safe electric technology, Downtown Grill products are the answer anywhere traditional grills aren’t allowed.

Because it plugs into a 120 V 15A W/GFI outlet, it’s as easy to use as a toaster. The 16 × 10 inch cooking surface of the Electric Hibachi is non-stick, and the peripheral groove collects cooking residues. Cook. Brush. Wipe. High heat vaporizes any residue left on the grill and a smart design makes scrubbing and degreasing a snap.

The result is an effective device with an elegant design that will satisfy the most demanding chefs. Its intuitive ease of use distinguishes it from similar products. The design is optimal in terms of thermal properties, manufacturing and affordable cost.

The most high-performance grill is now electric.


About ALTO Design

Convinced that big ideas spring from the friction of opposing views and experience, ALTO has brought together a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals. Founded in Montreal in 1986 by Mario Gagnon, today ALTO is the leading Canadian industrial design and engineering firm.

At ALTO, technical prowess serves creativity and creativity serves experience. Because considering a project in all its aspects first means considering who the project is for.

ALTO’s open space studio and vast prototyping workshop are scaled to its ambitions and mandates. Its mandates are for varied activity sectors such as transportation, medical and scientific field, consumer goods and recreational products.


About ThermoCeramix™

ThermoCeramix™ is a North American company with deep expertise in developing heat transfer solutions with its own patented technology. Their proven applications are used in the energy, industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

ThermoCeramix technology is a process that literally bonds an electric heating element onto any surface. The ultra-thin coating applied directly to the heat surface creates a circuit on which electro-resistant micro-particles are vapourized. Powered simply by electricity, the coating thus generates intense heat that makes ThermoCeramix one of the most efficient heat transfer technologies in the world.

About Downtown Grill

Downtown Grill designs, manufactures and distributes high-end electric grills that combine performance, design and convenience. Their products integrate ThermoCeramix technology.

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