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Press kit - Press release - New HhCUISINE division - À Hauteur d'homme

New HhCUISINE division

Montreal, Canada

À Hauteur d'homme

À Hauteur d’homme continues its quest to enhance Quebec’s wood by unveiling it’s all-new HhCUISINE division.

Montreal, Canada, 2011-09-20 - Today, À Hauteur d’homme is launching its all-new hard wood kitchen lines: ALEXANDRE, JULIE and EVA. Entirely manufactured in Montréal and tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, every kitchen conveys a clean and original design that will stand the test of time. With a wide range of wood species and new material such concrete, glass and stainless steel available, the possibilities are virtually endless. The three kitchen concepts meet the environmental standards set out by À Hauteur d’homme and are part of the 1=1 reforestation program.

Three different design lines were created to meet the widest possible variety of needs and preferences. The ALEXANDRE line, which displays a discreet originality, is also the most affordable of the range and the most flexible in its configurations. The JULIE line stands out for its strong personality and passionate temperament. European bistro-inspired, it incorporates stainless steel and uses open storage spaces and tools for expression and creativity in the kitchen. The EVA style, finally, is positioned at the top of the range, offering uncommon refinement and elegance. From the line’s counter to its floating cabinets and island, EVA impresses as its design qualities remains as aesthetic as functional.

À Hauteur d’homme kitchens are offered from $ 1,299 per linear foot. Thus, a typical 10-foot kitchen would cost $ 12 990, including customized service. Consult the pdf catalog HhCUISINE available at www.hh.ca for full details and pricing (in french only).

The À Hauteur d’homme brand also offers a range of 9 wood products, available online at www.hh.ca as well as in a multitude of shops in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario (see «Contact» on the website for all details). À Hauteur d’homme also offers a design service for institutions and companies (contact us at info@hh.ca).

Dedicated to enhancing local wood –a resource of vital importance to Québec– À Hauteur d’homme is focused on renewing the connection to our forests. Driven by this conviction and work ethic, the team at À Hauteur d’homme is committed to offering sustainable, eco-responsible product lines. Through the 1=1 program, À Hauteur d’homme ensures that a sapling is planted for each tree that goes into one of its products. The À Hauteur d’homme workforce is chiefly made up of young people in employment re-entry programs.

À Hauteur d’homme is a member of the Coalition BOIS Québec.

To buy a kitchen, please contact us at:
André Goulet, Director of Sales Urban Wood (producer of exclusive kitchens Hh)
514-388-5338 (ext. 211)
- 30 -

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Press kit | 862-01 - Press release | New HhCUISINE division - À Hauteur d'homme - Industrial Design - Louis-Philippe Pratte, Président-Fondateur - Photo credit: Louis-Philippe Pratte, Président-Fondateur
Louis-Philippe Pratte, Président-Fondateur
Photo credit: Louis-Philippe Pratte, Président-Fondateur
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10.03 x 6.35