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Press kit - Press release - Leyteire Courtyard - Martin Duplantier Architectes

Leyteire Courtyard

Paris, France

Martin Duplantier Architectes

Paris, France, 2012-10-04 - The historical centre of Bordeaux University sets a new beginning : the Opération Campus begins with urban design at its heart. These spaces are currently closed, intended solely for receiving deliveries, however the project intends to turn them into a lively heart of the University, where intermingling can take place. The initial meaning of “campus” can be retrieved through an intense central green space.

This series of courtyards becomes a network of interactive spaces, as well as a part of the city : a number of facilities animate the center of the square (museum, café , amphitheaters) and contribute to its urban value. The addition of planted elements lends a human scale to the existing hardscape by providing shade, delineating paths, and acting to filter air, sound, and light that enters the space.

This, in turn, combats the Urban Heat Island Effect, providing more pleasant interior spaces during the hot summer months.

In plan, a certain hierarchy is established between the wide-open center, and more intimate spaces along the space’s edges. This variety of spaces invites a wide range of activities common for a university campus, from eating lunch in the sun, to meeting with colleagues and professors, to hosting celebrations and festivals.

DDA Biography
Established in 2007, Debarre Duplantiers Associés architects, landscape architects and urban designers, is a highly ambitious design led practice, with a proven track record across a broad spectrum of sectors and scales.

Our architecture comes out of a rigorous design process, gathering two antagonist moments: the first being the most open, experimental and almost naïve attitude followed by a rational, well-balanced and cost-effective thinking. This process is communicated through a range of media, enabling a wide series of opportunities to be explored.

We are truly influenced by the unique attributes of each site and its context, seeking out the qualities that contribute to a sense of place; qualities which will remain all along the project’s life.

Our unique multi-disciplinary approach is a key element in the success of our projects. By thinking architecture through landscape, urban dimension and human scale, one challenges the very essence of an architectural project.

Scope of work
Architecture: Universities, public facilities, housing, residential, commercial.
Landscape: parks, urban spaces, bridges
Urban design : city extension, eco-neighborhood, regeneration, urban strategies.
Technical Data

Project's name : Leyteire Courtyard
Adress : Rue Leyteire / Rue Broca, Victor Segalen University - Bordeaux
Brief : exterior spaces
Client : "Opération Campus" - Bordeaux University
Architects : Anouk Debarre landscape architect, Martin Duplantier architect, Yon Anton Olano light design
Completion : 2012
Area : 1 900 sqm of concrete, 450 sqm of green area
Vegetation : Judea trees, camellia, chamaerops Humilis, arbours, choisya ternata, cornus - kousa
Construction : grounds in poured-in-place concrete. Pre-cast concrete furniture.
Materials : grounds in coloured concrete, with either broomed or desactivated finish with a 3cm stone mix.
Wooden stage and steps in limestone.
Grey concrete furniture. Water table in dark grey polished concrete.
Construction Cost : 0,9 M€

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