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Press kit - Press release - The art of ennobling cleaning! - Zenith Cleaners

The art of ennobling cleaning!

Montreal, Canada

Zenith Cleaners

Montreal, Canada, 2012-11-25 - An indication of Zenith Cleaners’ philosophy and unique approach to cleaning is that they have a program whereby corporate executives and organizational leaders are invited to become cleaners for three to five days. “It’s a way of challenging yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, and seeing the world from a different perspective,” explains the founder of Zenith Cleaners, Tolulope Ilesanmi.

Contrary to popular belief, Ilesanmi sees cleaning services as an activity that not only forms bonds between people but also leads to self-awareness. Even though he has an MBA from McGill University, he decided to be a cleaner instead of pursuing typical MBA careers.

Cleaning inspirations
First, starting from the principle that we do well only things we love doing, Zenith Cleaners hires people who, beyond financial need, love to clean and are also involved in other activities outside cleaning. “To be a good cleaner, you have to have something else going on in your life,” he says. His employees have included doctoral students, artists and entrepreneurs, and they all work part time. Ilesanmi also cleans, like other members of Zenith Cleaners. “When I’m cleaning, I feel like I’m being paid to meditate!”

Zenith Cleaners’ employees develop a relationship of trust with their clients. “Our clients think of their cleaners as more than low-level workers but as complete human beings who can become a source of inspiration,” notes Ilesanmi. In fact, a present member of Zenith Cleaners sat on the same board of directors as one of his clients.

Cleaning encounters
Thanks to this special relationship, Zenith Cleaners is considered by its clients to be not just a service provider but a true partner. A manifesto replaces the traditional services contract, and so the clients’ commitment is not contractual, but moral. Furthermore, Zenith Cleaners choose their clients. “We always meet with our clients before doing business with them to ensure we are right for them and vice-versa. We seek relationships, not contracts.”

Ilesanmi sees this kind of relationship as a strong motivation to provide excellent service and truly care for clients as humans. “We and our clients respect each other without contractual obligations; in turn, we provide a high-quality service.” For instance, all products used by Zenith Cleaners are hypoallergenic and ecologically friendly. Clients can select scents (added to the cleaning products in the form of essential oils) that borrow from the principle of aromatherapy: Orange (to help cure fevers and infections), Lime (to boost the immune and respiratory systems), and so on.

Zenith Cleaners aim to make an impression on many: the art of recognizing the value of office cleaners so that every human being is treated as whole. “When we treat people as humble as office cleaners more humanely, we have greater respect for our co-workers and employees, we draw the best from them and our organizations benefit,” Ilesanmi concludes.

Welcome to people who love cleaning!

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