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Press kit - Press release - SnackBox, Times Square New York - Aedifica

SnackBox, Times Square New York

Brooklyn, United States


Montreal, Canada, 2011-12-06 - The SnackBox has found home in the heart of Times Square. Ædifica and MuvBox have been recently awarded 2 prizes at the Retail Design Institute’s International Store Design Competition 2011: the first in the Pop Up Store/Shop category, and the other in the Special Awards category. The 20-feet long container was selected among about 80 proposals by local restaurant owners and had to comply with New York City’s security departments in this high traffic area.

Innovative New York’s restaurateur Jonathan Morr, a well-known creative entrepreneur, was looking for a design team that would help him develop a unique solution that would fit in this iconic site. Created from a shipping container the concept is a first in the USA. It is the modern-day reinvention of the old-fashion canteen and serves iconic NY street food with gourmet flair. The SnackBox had to stand out in this visually saturated environment. The elaboration and development of its visual identity and brand were born from this idea and succeeds to convey that “NY personality” to the pop-up restaurant.

Located on a section of Broadway that is now closed off to vehicular traffic, the SnackBox is easily movable and entirely self-sufficient. It works off the grid with its fresh and grey water supply tanks that are embedded in the floor while power comes from a hybrid energy system combining electric batteries and generator. The upper section of the walls pivot upwards, transforming into cantilevered steel awnings, and provide shelter from the elements. Inside, working within the physical limits of the container, space was carefully planned and evaluated to optimize all useable space. During colder days, heating for the staff is provided by recuperating the heat from the generator.

The SnackBox’s black & white graphic stripes elegantly contrasts by opposition to the neon rainbow of color of its surroundings. At night, the SnackBox vanishes back into its cube, ready to redeploy in minutes, bright and early the next morning. 

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