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Press kit - Press release - Design Achievement to Impact Travelers Everywhere: Bluesmart One Suitcase Awarded “Best of the Best” Product Design by Red Dot - Bluesmart

Press Kit | no. 2104-01

Press release only in English

Design Achievement to Impact Travelers Everywhere: Bluesmart One Suitcase Awarded “Best of the Best” Product Design by Red Dot

San Francisco, United States


San Francisco, United States, 2016-06-22 - 

Bluesmart, creators of the world’s first smart luggage, announced that they will be adding the “Best of the Best” Red Dot award for product design to its long list of accolades. Bluesmart’s re-imagining of luggage created the smart suitcase market where they are the leaders in the burgeoning market for both technology and design. The Bluesmart One is the company’s first product and enhances the travel experience with features built into the suitcase body, controlled by users via their smartphone.

The Red Dot Awards jury is made of a diverse group of designers who use rigorous criteria to select winners for their awards each year, dating back to 1955. “The aspect that I find most outstanding is the jury itself: the diversity of its members, their origins, and different backgrounds. I consider their selection as an honor and result of the product hitting a universal nerve,” said Alejo Verlini, Bluesmart’s Head of Product and Co-founder. The judges of the competition are known for their expertise and eye for meaningful innovation. The highest individual award given is for Product Design and in 2015 only 81 products from 31 categories were given this sought-after seal of quality.

The Bluesmart One, named “The iPhone of Luggage” by The BBC, is the first suitcase designed to eliminate the hassles of modern travel by enhancing traditional components with technology. It features global 3G + GPS location tracking to see the bag’s location anytime, anywhere, and recover it if lost. The built-in 10000mAh battery charges most devices up to six times, so you stay connected—without ever crowding around an airport outlet. The digital lock secures the bag remotely and if you’re ever separated from your Bluesmart, it automatically locks and sends a notification. The digital scale also tells the mobile app your bag’s weight so you can dodge checking your bag and overweight fees. The combination hard/soft case is durable, yet light -  perfect for jetting. A polycarbonate shell protects contents while the magnetic nylon face allows easy access to a lined laptop compartment. The trolley handle and hub-less wheels allow for smooth 360 degree mobility on the go.

“We are all passionate explorers who discovered that connectivity and convenience were constant pain-points for travelers. Once we realized these problems could be solved by reimagining luggage, your travel companion on every journey, the goal of the product became clear: to connect the physical and digital worlds in the most seamless way possible,” said Verlini.

About Bluesmart

Bluesmart is a global travel company that became famous for creating the world's first smart connected luggage. Its first product, the Bluesmart One, launched in October 2014 through Indiegogo and raised more than $2M in pre-orders from more than 10,000 backers in 120 countries worldwide. It was named "Top Innovative Product and Service" by Forbes Magazine, awarded "Best Travel Gear" by Fast Company and "Best of the Best" Red Dot Design Award. In 2016, the company launched its design-forward product, the Bluesmart Black Edition. The company is backed by Y Combinator and other top Silicon Valley venture investors. Bluesmart is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Hong Kong, China and Argentina.

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Press kit | 2104-01 - Press release | Design Achievement to Impact Travelers Everywhere: Bluesmart One Suitcase Awarded “Best of the Best” Product Design by Red Dot - Bluesmart - Product - Bluesmart One Carry-on - Photo credit: Bluesmart
Bluesmart One Carry-on
Photo credit: Bluesmart

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