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Press kit - Press release - La Tour Icône - Stationnement métropolitain / Beïque Legault Thuot

La Tour Icône

Montreal, Canada

Stationnement métropolitain / Beïque Legault Thuot


Montreal, Canada, 2012-04-19 - Urban living in downtown Montreal is about to get smarter. Metropolitan Parking Inc., the esteemed developer behind the city’s award-winning Le Crystal de la Montagne, 1445 Stanley St. luxury apartments and Loft Condominiums in Old Montréal, today announces developing the city’s fi rst smart affordable luxury condos.

Situated at the corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. and de la Montagne -- one of downtown’s most sought-after locations owned by James Essaris, president of Metropolitan Parking Inc. with family members John Essaris and Peggy Essaris -- La Tour Icône will be a 38-storey residential tower of modern design-inspired condos that fully embrace a tech-savvy urban lifestyle.

As proof, La Tour Icône’s sales offi ce, which opens on April 19, 2012, relies on interactive virtual reality technology that can produce unbelievably rich environments. Buyers can “visit” each unit, walk around, raise and lower blinds, turn on and off lights, and inspect every little detail -- right down to the bathroom fi xtures. But the real jaw-dropper ? Buyers can “step out” onto the loggia and experience the incredible views their condo will actually have. Outside of business hours, people can enjoy the same captivating virtual visit by walking up to the showroom’s display windows and tapping the touch fi lm on the glass.

La Tour Icône further breaks new ground by introducing the concept of the modern vertical village to one of city’s most prestigious locations. Residents will enjoy a long list of enviable features such as integrated touch-screen technology in their condos, European-style loggias, on-site private club amenities and lifestyle-enhancing green features like the rooftop terrace with an urban garden and tennis court.

“Our forward-thinking architectural design pushes limits of physics and stylishly says au revoir to the faceless straight-up-and-down condo high-rise,” said Michael Dickey, developer. “La Tour Icône will be signature building that offers what no other residential tower in Montreal can : effi ciently spaced planned units, tech-savvy condos with breathtaking views and unheard of amenities -- all in a highly desirable location.”

La Tour Icône will be a 38-storey tower of private, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom residences located at the corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. and de la Montagne in downtown Montreal. Prices start at 198,000.00 for featured pied-a-terre studio units. The sales offi ce is located at the tower’s future site and opens on April 19, 2012. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2013.

Metropolitan Parking is one of Montreal’s most prominent established companies in Montréal since 1956. An institution for its commitment the group has been applauded for its hands-on attention to detail and commitment to creating innovative, high-quality environments that enhance the lives and surroundings of its residents. The company has earned acclaim as the developer of the award-winning Le Crystal de la Montagne, 1445 Stanley St. and modern styled condo Lofts in Old Montréal.


Since 1970, the name Béïque, Legault, Thuot has been synonymous with contemporary design in Montreal. Over the years, BLTA has helped to shape the urban fabric of downtown and Old Montreal by being at the forefront of many ground-breaking projects, including the celebrated Le Crystal de la Montagne, Les Suites Place d’Armes and the modern ecommerce offi ce complex.

Pdf of the press release including the rates and characteristics of the condos, as well as information on the sales office.

Pdf includes several photos of the project. 
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