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Press kit - Press release - ÎLE BLANCHE Residence - APPAREIL architecture


Montréal, Canada

APPAREIL architecture

APPAREIL Architecture Offers a Tone-on-Tone Decor for a Residence Between 
City and Nature.

Montréal, Canada, 2016-12-15 -

The young Montreal firm was offered a magnificent challenge when it was mandated to update the interior of this spacious Île des Soeurs home. The team’s meticulous work made it possible to refine, optimize and above all modernize the space, where light and modernity now reign. All under the Nordic and clean signature of APPAREIL architecture.

The firm's team took up the challenge of giving the premises a second life and, above all, endowing them with a resolutely contemporary and luminous aesthetic. The owners also wished to revisit the space to adapt it to their needs, namely creating a space as friendly as it is soothing to host friends and raise a family.

The interior was redesigned from A to Z in order to offer a functional and cozy decor. Custom furniture, including an array of integrated furniture, creates a whole with the architecture and reinforces the space’s refined character. The demolition of walls that partitioned the space now allows for a greater burst of light to come through. Movement is much more fluid between the different spaces, whose styles and colors harmonize. The color white, highlighted on the walls, the lacquered surfaces of the furniture and the wooden floor’s treatment accentuate this luminous effect. Contrast was also used to emphasize the contributions of key elements. The painted steel of the fireplace, the maple wood of the stairs and the immense vestibule door stand out even more through their juxtaposition with the immaculate white decor. Warm touches such as the addition of walnut wood in the kitchen and the bedroom create a convivial atmosphere. As do the presence of the new central kitchen island and the huge dining table that stands at the center of the home. Finally, particular attention was given to the finest finishing details, such as choosing to integrate full height doors and to display lamps custom-made by Montreal craftsmen.

"We are very pleased to have completed our project with the APPAREIL Architecture team. They understood our needs from the start and gave direction to the project, whose result is magnificent: a house that is contemporary, luminous and functional. " - Paule & François, owners.

APPAREIL architecture thank its collaborators on this project:

Lampmaster: Hamster 

Contractor: OOk Construction 

Cabinetmaker: Steve Tousignant 

Glazier: Latour Vitrier 

Photographer: Félix Michaud

About APPAREIL architecture

APPAREIL architecture is a Montreal-based firm whose mission is to design quality residential and commercial environments for its occupants. Our signature style is sleek, contemporary and greatly inspired by our Nordic roots. Our projects demonstrate our commitment to find a balance between tradition and modernity.

For more information about the Île Blanche project or to arrange an meeting, contact: medias@appareilarchitecture.com

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Press kit | 1075-03 - Press release | ÎLE BLANCHE Residence - APPAREIL architecture - Residential Architecture - Photo credit: Félix Michaud
Photo credit: Félix Michaud
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