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Press kit - Press release - Les Saisons - Arte Charpentier Architectes

Les Saisons

Meaux, France

Arte Charpentier Architectes

Arte Charpentier Architectes designed the Les Saisons mall in Meaux, France

Paris, France, 2016-09-09 -

Situated just outside the town of Meaux, the shopping centre can be accessed via three major roads and thus enjoys exceptional accessibility.


The project drew on the elements of the surrounding area to create a diversified landscape: it fits with the colorful fields of geometrically apportioned agricultural land, the winding meanders of the Ourcq Canal and the buildings of various shapes and sizes to create a fragmented and diversified landscape.

On the southern side a metal totem welcomes visitors as well as inhabitants and orients them on site. Its conception was a technical challenge and an inventive architectural design.

The countryside reaches into the site: banks, green roofs, planted pergolas, wooded areas and filtration ponds form links between the surrounding environment and the project. Far from being a solitary unit placed upon its land, the project is designed as a landscape, a humanized territory, where people live and work. It was redesigned to form a multitude of links between nature and urbanity.


The main walkway winds amid different volumes and is covered with an immense skylight with a visible metal structure. This creates a protected promenade enjoying a constant natural light. Visitors can stroll among the mall’s shops on two levels - on a low road and a high street. They can also enjoy recreation areas or indoor and outdoor seating - suitable for rest, meetings or events.


The project heavily favors landscaped areas, they span 42 000 square meters, on top of which there are 29 300 m² of green roofing.

Arte Charpentier led the architecture, interior design and landscaping missions on the project.

Data sheet

Project owner
Project owner: Immochan
Delegate project owner: Auchan

Project management
Architect, landscape design: Arte Charpentier
Interior design: Arte Charpentier Architectes

Technical design office
Roads and utility services: SNC Lavalin
Structures: SNC Lavalin
Fluids: SNC Lavalin
Economist: SNC Lavalin
HQE: Gecob
Inspection: Qualiconsult
Health and safety coordination: Qualiconsult
Fire safety: GNPS
Filtration gardens: Phytorestore
Travel: IRIS Conseil

Project specifics
Project address: ZAC du Parc d’Activités du
Pays de Meaux
Post code: 77120
Town: Chauconin Neufmontiers
Delivery: 2015
Project program: shopping centre and leisure
Surface area: 67 000 sqm (sales surface area
48,640 sqm, 95 shops)
Parking: 2,000 spaces in the basement, 1,000
spaces in the spiral car park
Environmental certifications: HQE, BREEAM

About the agency

With more than 100 staff in the world, Arte Charpentier is an international architecture firm based

in Paris. It maintains offices in Lyon and Shanghai. Arte Charpentier has also developed strong

in-house competences in architecture, urban planning, landscape, interior design and site

management with its 22 associates.

In the third trimester, 2015, in addition to this shopping centre, the firm developed two hotels: an ibis Styles of 308 rooms and a Pullman of 305 rooms in Roissypôle for the Accor goup (25,090 M², architect / landscape architect), as well as the EOLE building (67,000 m²) and the Evergreen Campus’ reception pavilion (Crédit Agricole’s head office).

Recently the agency has delivered the Gendarmerie Nationale’s headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux,

the Innovation House in Dijon, the Taiyuan opera in China as well as commerce and housing programs in Vannes, Bourges, Nantes, Villeurbanne, Asnière-sur-Seine, Béthune, etc. and tertiary buildings in the Parisian region. It has also worked on the European Spatial Agency’s headquarter project in paris, the Véolia Environnement campus in Lyon, the LVMH R&D center in Orléans, two hotels in Tours (in progress) and a mixed-use mall and office complex in Sétif, Algeria.

In regards to urban planning, Arte Charpentier Architectes has directed the study for the planning project of the Algiers bay and participated to the Axe Seine project for the Great Paris plan. After a study mission for the urban reconfiguration of Algiers, the agency now works for the SEMABA (the urban planning society of Bagneux) as an urban planning architect coordinating the joint development zone of the Victor Hugo neighborhood, integrating a new centralization around the extension of the metro line 4 and the upcoming inauguration of the Great Paris line 15. The municipality of Bagneux has even renewed its trust in Arte Charpentier by giving it another mission concerning the project supervision of the joint development zone’s public spaces.

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