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Press kit - Press release - Eole on the Evergreen campus - Arte Charpentier Architectes

Eole on the Evergreen campus

Montrouge, France

Arte Charpentier Architectes

Eole, headquarters integrated within the city and its landscape

Paris, France, 2016-07-12 -

Right at Paris’ doorstep, the Evergreen Campus hosts the Crédit Agricole’s head office. Multiple corporate entities share this space. The entire campus revolves around a central park that acts as its green lung.


The conception of Eole - a 67 000 m² building made in four years - preserves and upholds the site’s environmental vocation: buildings operate in accordance with the HQE norms (high environmental quality), new structures were built according to the BBC norms (low consumption buildings), soft energies usage (geothermic, solar and rain water is reused), 4 hectares of green spaces valorized.


Constructed in an 8-shape, Eole is built around two large quiet gardens. The building’s shape combines rationality, fluidity, continuity and organic unity. The workspaces open into the Campus, the gardens and the site’s streets. The exteriors are arranged in sequences relatively to their orientation in accordance with the park and the patios. Woven stainless steel strands partially cover them. They filter natural light and constitute a passive sun blocker. At garden-level five terraces offer genuine gardens that anyone can enjoy. Hanging decks at the heart of the building create more green spaces with flexible lines.


Eole’s interior spaces have been designed so as to bring the building’s core light and clarity and allow guests to orient themselves easier. The atmosphere is contemporary and intemporal at the same time.


By satisfying its requirements, Eole symbolizes the Crédit Agricole’s involvement in favor of sustainable development and the EverGreen Campus’ renewal.


Arte Charpentier led the architecture, interior design and landscaping missions on the project.

About the agency

With more than 100 staff in the world, Arte Charpentier is an international architecture firm based

in Paris. It maintains offices in Lyon and Shanghai. Arte Charpentier has also developed strong

in-house competences in architecture, urban planning, landscape, interior design and site

management with its 22 associates.

In the third trimester, 2015, in addition to the EOLE building (67,000 m²) and the Evergreen Campus’ reception pavilion, the firm developed two hotels: an Ibis Styles of 308 rooms and a Pullman of 305 rooms in Roissypôle for the Accor goup (25,090 M², architect / landscape architect), as well as the Les Saisons mall in Meaux (70,300 m², architect of record / interior designer / landscape architect).

Recently the agency has delivered the Gendarmerie Nationale’s headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux,

the Innovation House in Dijon, the Taiyuan opera in China as well as commerce and housing programs in Vannes, Bourges, Nantes, Villeurbanne, Asnière-sur-Seine, Béthune, etc. and tertiary buildings in the Parisian region. It has also worked on the European Spatial Agency’s headquarter project in paris, the Véolia Environnement campus in Lyon, the LVMH R&D center in Orléans, two hotels in Tours (in progress) and a mixed-use mall and office complex in Sétif, Algeria.

In regards to urban planning, Arte Charpentier Architectes has directed the study for the planning project of the Algiers bay and participated to the Axe Seine project for the Great Paris plan. After a study mission for the urban reconfiguration of Algiers, the agency now works for the SEMABA (the urban planning society of Bagneux) as an urban planning architect coordinating the joint development zone of the Victor Hugo neighborhood, integrating a new centralization around the extension of the metro line 4 and the upcoming inauguration of the Great Paris line 15. The municipality of Bagneux has even renewed its trust in Arte Charpentier by giving it another mission concerning the project supervision of the joint development zone’s public spaces.

Data sheet

General contractor

- Project manager / promoter: Crédit Agricole

Immobilier Entreprise

- Investor: Crédit Agricole SA

- User: Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment

Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB)

Project supervising

- Architect of record: Arte Charpentier Architectes

- Interior designer: Arte Charpentier Architectes

- Landscape architect: Arte Charpentier

Architectes (patios and terraces)

- Landscaper: Groupement Takano Landscape

Planning - Atelier Kaba (eastern garden and

interior street)

Engineering and design department

HVAC, plumbing, catering, roads and networks,

ASC: Setec Bâtiment

Electrical Engineering: Square

APM on Environmental and energy issues: Green


Structure: Terrell International

Facades: CEEF

Acoustics: Lamoureux acoustique

Economist: AE75

Independent auditor: Socotec

Health and safety officer: Socotec

Contract management: Groupement SETEC

Bâtiment (mandated) and Builders & Partners

Operation specifics

- Title: Eole

- Address: Campus Evergreen, 77 to 83 street

Gabriel-Péri, 92545, Montrouge

- Delivery date: 2015

- Program: Office building for the Crédit Agricole

Corporate & Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB)

- Program’s surface: 67 000 m2 floor area

- Environmental certifications: HQE® tertiary

building with the 2011 de Certivéa BREEAM (Very

Good) referential.

- 30 -

Media contact