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Press kit - Press release - To obtain the title « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® » - L'Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ)

Press Kit | no. 704-04

To obtain the title « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® »

Montreal, Canada

L'Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ)

Québec’s Interior designers have until the end of this year to obtain the title «Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ®» without writing the NCIDQ exam

Montreal, Canada, 2011-11-07 -  L'Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ) would like to inform all Quebec’s interior designers that are not members of APDIQ that they have until the end of this year to join the Association and be exempted of taking the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) exam. For interior designers whom have been members in the past, a grandfather’s clause is offered which allows them to become members without passing the exam, and this until December 31st, 2013.

Starting January 1st, 2012, every interior designer who’s never been a member of APDIQ (or previously la Société des designers d’intérieur du Quebec (SDIQ) or before that La Société des décorateurs ensembliers du Québec (SDEQ)) will have to pass the NCIDQ exam in order to become a member of the Association. The next two months are therefore a key time for all interior designers who are considering joining the Association to send their application form. Become a member between November 1st and December 31st and pay only 70$ taxes included. Afterwards, renewals are done on January 1st of each year (tariffs varying from 180$ to 535$ per year plus taxes, depending on the year the member’s diploma in interior design was obtained).

Furthermore, on October 17th 2011, the trademark « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ®» was officially registered at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. According to the license awarded to members in good standing of APDIQ in accordance with the recording made with the governmental authority, the APDIQ encourages its members to take full ownership of their title and to use it on their business cards, letterheads, promotional material and business proposals.

As a member of APDIQ, your first visible advantage is having your title labelled with « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ®», an added professional status for the public and clients. You also enjoy better rates on professional liability insurance, have access to a full program of collective insurance, take part in the association’s continuing education plan and enjoy discounts on all events organised by the association.

To become a member of APDIQ, you must have completed a college degree (DEC) in interior design OR a bachelor degree in interior design. If you have an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales), you should communicate with the association to validate with us if the total of your credits / studies will allow you to become a member.

To apply for a membership, please send us the following documents: the application form completed and signed (available on our website), a copy of your diploma in interior design and any other diploma or degree, as well as your résumé. Please send all documents by mail at the following address: 465, rue Saint-Jean, bureau 101, Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2R6 or by email in PDF format at the following address: The documents need to be postmaked before January 2nd 2012 if mailed, or December 31st 2011 at 11: 59PM if sent by email.

About the Association professionnelle des designers d’intérieur du Québec (APDIQ): Launched in 2003, the Association professionnelle des designers d’intérieur du Québec (APDIQ) is a nonprofit organization that acts as the sole approval agency for the classification and certification of the profession. APDIQ governs the standards and requirements for holders of the title « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® » - which is a certification mark, registered with government authorities - and, by granting a license to use which ensures the recognition and protection of the title.

About the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC): The Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) is the National Advocacy organization for interior designers in Canada representing over 3,500 registered and intern interior designers and 1,500 student members across the country. IIDEX/NeoCOn Canada is owned by IDC and managed by MMPI Canada.

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