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Press kit - Press release - SieMatic comes to Quebec! - SieMatic

SieMatic comes to Quebec!

Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada, 2013-03-10 - SieMatic, the German gold standard in high-end kitchens, is setting up shop in Quebec with the inauguration of its new showroom in the Montreal region. “Visitors to our showroom will find out about the brand philosophy,” explains Jean-Martin Lapointe, Sales Manager, Siematic Montreal, “in terms of quality finishes, technical innovations, ergonomics, and the modularity of pieces and accessories on display.”

A taste of SieMatic excellence
The SieMatic showroom features four different kitchens from the brand’s collection. Each highlights certain of the qualities that have built the German manufacturer’s reputation.

• With its fluid lines, elegant fitting systems, and exceptional functionality, the
S2 represents the quintessential spirit of SieMatic.
• The
SC introduces some of the German brand’s technical innovations, including Multimatic, an interior fitting system that has won numerous international design awards, makes it possible to completely customize cabinets to gain up to 30% more storage space, and the SieMatic lighting system, a horizontal LED fixture whose intensity and colour can be modulated. Multipurpose, it fits into cabinets, can be used as an individual shelf, and can anchor various functional elements and accessories.
• A third showcase features the advantages of Siematic’s modular panel system, to which shelves of different sizes and widths, as well as various accessories, can be easily attached.
• Finally, the showroom’s star attraction, the
BeauxArts, expresses SieMatic’s capacity to innovate even in the style of its kitchens. In this collaboration with renowned American designer Mick De Giulio, SieMatic breaks the traditional rules for kitchen storage by combining opposing shapes, colours, materials, and styles to compose a unique, timeless, and personalized universe.

Pure Forms and technological advances
In 1960, SieMatic revolutionized the traditional kitchen by introducing the first handle-free kitchen to the world. Since then, the German company has constantly stood out not only for the elegance of its collections but also for its quality standards, respect for the environment, and technological advances. Its research and development department is constantly testing new products. For example, the ZéroMatic process, using the latest laser technology, eliminates joints and gives laminate elements the purity of massive sheets. Similarly, SieMatic dust seal stripping allows cabinet doors to be closed silently and keeps storage spaces free of dust, dirt, and vapour.

Modularity and customization
In addition to its quest for excellence and concern with detail, SieMatic is devoted to offering completely customizable kitchens. That’s the idea between the modular panel system that makes infinite combinations possible, and this approach can be seen in the very design of the collections. The BeauxArts was created on this principle. Other, more affordable collections may also be adapted to individual tastes thanks to the SmartDesign concept. And so it’s possible to compose a totally original kitchen from the shapes, panels, colours, and materials offered by SieMatic.

And there’s a vast choice! Clients can select high-gloss or matte lacquers, high-quality laminates or real wood. SieMatic offers fully 1,950 different shades of lacquer! And the StoneDesign concept enhances SieMattic stonework surfaces with a wide range of possibilities in terms of size, shape, and materials (from granite to “brown fossil,” limestone adorned with marine fossils that are 65 million years old!). 

SieMatic Montréal
Par / By Doyon Cuisine
8505, boul. du Quartier
Brossard (Québec) J4Y 3K4

T 450 676. 3385

- 30 -

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