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Press kit - Press release - Harbour master's office - PietriArchitectes
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Harbour master's office

La Londe-les-Maures, France


Located in the Var, in the town of La Londe-les-Maures, looking out to Fort de Brégançon and the Mediterranean Sea, the small 350m² building is reigniting the redevelopment of the port.

Paris, France, 2015-10-01 -

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the town of La Londe-les-Maures, in the south-east of France, the “Capitainerie” is the newest location in this small seaside town.

PietriArchitectes won the tender in 2011, responding with a project in line with their work in Marseille (Bains de Mer Chauds and the Tour H99) and Seyne sur Mer (Redline apartments).

The feel of the project is conclusively mellow, almost playful, more like an urban pavilion than an experimental signal.

The reaction of the residents alone, throughout construction and at the time of delivery, justified the choice of architecture used in the renovation of the site.

A metre above ground level, to avoid the tragic flooding which occurred again this year, the “Capitainerie” project is multifunctional: 

  • Harbour Master’s Office
  • Rescue Centre
  • Fishing Club
  • Yacht Club
  • Reception Hall
  • Meeting Room
  • Reception Terrace

To resolve this complexity, the diverse functions have been distributed on three separate decks connected by freely accessible public gangways. The facilities function more like a multi-storey road than a centre.

The effectiveness of this system lies also in the contextual use of the Mediterranean climate.

Built from concrete, wood and stainless steel, the design carefully offers materials capable of withstanding a marine environment, which have been tried and tested by PietriArchitectes in other waterfront projects.

Data Sheet

- Subject: Equipping / reconstruction of the former harbour master’s office

- Address: Place Georges Gras, 83250 La Londe-les-Maures

- Tender won in December 2011

- Start of work: October 2013

- Delivery: December 2014

- Cost Excl. Tax: 1.2M€

- Area 407m²

- Owner: La Londe-les-Maures Town Council

- Contracting party: La Londe-les-Maures Town Council

- Project manager: PietriArchitectes

- Project team: JBP, Zoé Raynaud, Jérémy Louette

- Technical research office: B.E.T. Yves Garnier S.A.S.

- Quality control office: APAVE Sudeurope

- Health & safety: APAVE Sudeurope

- Geotechnics: GEOTERRA

- Demolition&asbestos removal: SPADA TP

- Roads & utility services: SPADA TP / GMC

- Foundations, structural works, waterproofing: F.D.O. Méditerrannée

- Carpentry: S.A.M.

- Covering & cladding: F.D.O. Méditerrannée

- Partition walls & lining: F.D.O. Méditerrannée

- Electricity: Eiffage Energie

- HVAC & plumbing: Camiclar / KFCM

- Glass: Saint Gobain

- Lighting: Modular

- 30 -

Media contact
  • PietriArchitectes
  • Melle Sarah LEROUX
  • sleroux@jbpa.fr
  • +33 (0)1 44 78 68 48
Press kit | 1151-03 - Press release | Harbour master's office - PietriArchitectes - Institutional Architecture - sketch searches<br> - Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Pietri<br>
sketch searches
Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Pietri
Medium-resolution image
7.09 x 9.65
Press kit | 1151-03 - Press release | Harbour master's office - PietriArchitectes - Institutional Architecture - Model - Photo credit: PietriArchitectes
Photo credit: PietriArchitectes
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14.12 x 8.73