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Press kit - Press release - HCMA Announces Three New Principals - Paul Fast, Michael Henderson + Melissa Higgs - HCMA Architecture + Design

HCMA Announces Three New Principals - Paul Fast, Michael Henderson + Melissa Higgs

Vancouver, Canada

HCMA Architecture + Design

What do our communities need from architects now and in the future? Three new Principals join the conversation.

Vancouver, Canada, 2017-02-03 -

How we live, work and play is changing. As a result, the role of architects and designers needs to evolve, too. HCMA Architecture + Design believes that the architect's role in society is not only increasing, but is absolutely vital to shaping healthy and vibrant communities.


As a firm, HCMA Architecture + Design (HCMA) has made a conscious decision to be positive and proactive, to design for a better future. One of the fundamental questions they ask in their studios each day is: “What’s Possible? For a school? A community? A laneway? Our city…our practice? By expanding our practice, we hope to maximize our positive impact."


“HCMA is pleased to welcome three new Principals - Paul Fast, Michael Henderson and Melissa Higgs. They will enable us to help more communities solve their problems now and in the future,” says Darryl Condon, Managing Principal.


Paul, Michael and Melissa are already integral and established leaders in the HCMA practice, working closely with the clients to find creative solutions to each community’s unique challenges.


“One of the ways that we seek to amplify our positive influence as a firm is by connecting many voices and considering a range of perspectives. We’ve made remarkable progress in the last few years by expanding our service offerings with complementary strengths in response to the multifaceted nature of the challenges our communities face. Inviting three new voices to the partnership is the natural next step in our firm’s evolution and we can't wait to see the impact they will have as Principals,” says Darryl Condon.


"Together, we look forward to making a difference in our communities."


Watch the video where the new Principals discuss what our communities need from architects now and in the future.


About HCMA Architecture + Design

HCMA Architecture + Design challenges the traditional boundaries of architectural practice by asking one question. “How do we achieve the maximum positive impact through design?” That curiosity leads to technological innovations, valuable community engagements, and ultimately to positive changes in people’s lives. From planning and design, to consultation and evaluation, HCMA takes projects beyond what’s expected, and beyond what’s trending, to deliver places that maximize potential. www.hcma.ca

About Paul Fast

“Architecture must be more than steel, concrete or wood-it must tell a story that is deeply human, a story which both celebrates and defines who we are,” says Paul Fast.

Paul is interested in creating architecture that helps to extract and define a strong regional identity. His work is focused on reconnecting people to their environments through the considered use of material, form, space and light. As a Principal at HCMA Architecture + Design, Paul enjoys the initial stages of concept design when site, user and program are defined. His careful consideration of these critical decisions helps shape the outcome of the design and building process. Paul believes that transformative change can happen at any scale, and has lead projects ranging from a children’s playhouse to a complex, $80 M community recreation centre. He has led several of our TILT Curiosity Labs initiatives including the 2015 IDSwest stage design, Coal Harbour Deck concept and the #MoreAwesomeNow Laneway Activation.


About Michael Henderson

“Our people and our relationships foster a culture of exploration and ingenuity that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible now-and imagines what can be possible for the future,” says Michael Henderson.

Driven by connections with ambitious and engaged individuals, Michael fosters engaged and empowered teams where personal strengths can grow and flourish. As a Principal at HCMA Architecture + Design, Michael promotes community building in both the facilities they design as well as in their studio environment. With a unique focus on sports, recreation and community centres, he has acted as Project Architect for some of HCMA's largest aquatic and recreation projects, both in BC and across Canada. A skilled leader, Michael oversaw the design and construction of the award-winning Hillcrest Centre, which was voted Best Community Centre by locals in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver for three consecutive years (2012-2015) and is currently leading the Minoru Complex and Complexe Aquatique de Laval projects.


About Melissa Higgs

“As architects, we solve complex problems. By expanding our practice to include additional disciplines and perspectives, we continue to find new, collaborative ways to design for community,” says Melissa Higgs.

Melissa is passionate about creating innovative public buildings where communities come together, and is a believer in the power of architecture and design as a catalyst for positive change in the world. As a Principal at HCMA Architecture + Design, she works closely with clients and project teams to find creative solutions to unique design challenges. Her focus has been on designing arts and culture projects and community recreation facilities, including the award-winning Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre, as well as creating long-range vision plans. Melissa believes that true collaboration and cross-disciplinary design has the power to improve creative outcomes across all project types and scales, and as such, plays a key role in managing and developing HCMA's +Design services.

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Media contact
  • HCMA Architecture + Design
  • Darryl Condon, Managing Principal
  • d.condon@hcma.ca
  • 604.732.6620
Photo credit: HCMA Architecture + Design
Press kit | 2330-01 - Press release | HCMA Announces Three New Principals - Paul Fast, Michael Henderson + Melissa Higgs - HCMA Architecture + Design - Institutional Architecture - HCMA is pleased to announce Paul Fast, Michael Henderson and Melissa Higgs as Principals. - Photo credit: Aaron Aubrey
HCMA is pleased to announce Paul Fast, Michael Henderson and Melissa Higgs as Principals.
Photo credit: Aaron Aubrey
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