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Press kit - Press release - Bao-Chau Nguyen joins the new landscape architecture department of Provencher_Roy - Provencher_Roy
A v2com exclusive

Bao-Chau Nguyen joins the new landscape architecture department of Provencher_Roy

Montréal, Canada


Montréal, Canada, 2016-09-06 -

Provencher_Roy is pleased to welcome landscape architect and urban designer Bao-Chau Nguyen to its team, and to announce the creation of its new landscape architecture department. Ms. Nguyen, widely acknowledged in the industry for her extensive experience and creativity, joins a highly qualified urban planning and urban design team, reporting to Sylvain Gariépy and rounding out the division's offerings with the particular expertise she brings. Her arrival not only contributes to consolidating the firm's position in the landscape architecture and urban design sector, it also dovetails with Provencher_Roy's long-term vision of providing clients with high-quality integrated services.

“Bao-Chau Nguyen's arrival and the creation of our new landscape architecture department together truly consolidate our offerings and support our holistic vision. Knowing Bao-Chau's energy level and the fresh, creative eye she brings to all her projects, I look forward with great enthusiasm and anticipation to seeing her develop this new department.”  

– Claude Provencher, architect, senior partner


Bao-Chau Nguyen earned her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Université de Montréal in 1996, after studying architectural technology at La Cité collégiale. During her studies, she completed a university internship at the Paris La Villette school of architecture. She joined the ranks of the Québec Association of Landscape Architects (AAPQ) in 2002.

This dual educational path, coupled with her passion for design, ensures she is in her element when it comes to challenging, complex urban projects requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Abreast of the latest directions in art, architecture, landscape architecture and design, and equally at ease in the traditional spheres and the new sustainable technologies, she is able to propose creative, innovative yet realistic solutions and has, over the years, created sustainable landscapes designed in symbiosis with architecture.


As senior designer on IBI-CHBA's landscape architecture team, she led work on numerous urban design and landscape projects and played an active role in preparing drawings and estimates for ensuring consistent design tracking from start to finish.


A projet's many challenges—programming constraints, budget needs, site complexity—all stimulate her and fuel her fecund creativity. Passionate about the user sensory experience, Bao-Chau Nguyen creates urban spaces that reflect the identity of the environment and its inhabitants in an esthetic and functional manner. Her track record is lined with pluridisciplinary projects, and Bao-Chau Nguyen will leverage this know-how to help establish a veritable synthesis of architecture and landscape architecture.


Bao-Chau Nguyen's work has on numerous occasions received praise for its quality, including awards for excellence from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. She sits on a number of juries and enthusiastically takes part in public presentations and publishes articles. For over a decade, she has participated in ideas competitions in areas related to design, with a special interest in bold or artistic projects. 


PROVENCHER_ROY, a predominant player in urban architecture in Canada today, is a multidisciplinary

firm providing services in architecture, urban design and urban planning, sustainable development,

interior and industrial design and communication.

The company employs close to 200 dedicated professionals working in all areas of the built environment

in Canada and abroad. It has earned more than 80 awards and distinctions for architecture in

Quebec, Canada and abroad.

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Press kit | 952-11 - Press release | Bao-Chau Nguyen joins the new landscape architecture department of Provencher_Roy - Provencher_Roy - Landscape Architecture - Bao-Chau Nguyen - Photo credit: Provencher_Roy
Bao-Chau Nguyen
Photo credit: Provencher_Roy
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