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Press kit - Press release - Residence-Atelier-Foundation, Marrakech, Maroc - Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co) 
A v2com exclusive

Residence-Atelier-Foundation, Marrakech, Maroc

Marrakesh, Morocco

Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co) 

Hybrid Architecture

Ville de Québec, Canada, 2016-04-07 -

Located in a rural landscape and sheltered by olive trees, the Residence-Atelier-Foundation is facing the majestic white outline of the Atlas Mountains. It comprises a private residence, a pavilion for her 3 children and guest artists, and her atelier to retreat and focus on her work. In addition the complex can also host an art gallery and a foundation dedicated to encourage Moroccan women artist vocation.


The eco-friendly design and its construction are based on Hybrid Architecture principles (high-tech/low-tech) developed and pioneered by Philippe Barrière Collective (PB+Co) in North Africa. It is built with low-tech adobe walls and with a high-tech lightweight cantilevered metallic frame canopy wrapped with PTFE membrane.

This hybrid Architecture brings technical innovation while using traditional craftsmen skills.

1 - Bioclimatic principles have determined the design including a shaded veranda, cross ventilations, high ceilings, multiple sun protections systems (cantilevered canopy) and passive solar energy (adobe wall thermal mass).

– The veranda is conceived as a double transition zone, protected by an outside curtain and by an intermediate layer of moucharabiah. An inner layer of accordion glass doors opens the house outwards according to the various needs.

– Adobe walls serve as a significant heat reservoir due to their inherent thermal properties. By hot days and cool nights (in winter), the high thermal mass of adobe mediates the high and low temperatures of the day, moderating the inside temperature.

 - The roof is made of three separate layers of ETFE wrapped inside and outside the structure, the spaces in between allows a constant flow of air circulation. This air cushion provides both insulation and strength. ETFE is eco-friendly (100% recyclable) and requires minimal energy for transportation and installation.

2 - Low cost construction and materials.

- The ecofriendly adobe wall can be built by local masons. In addition to being low cost construction and material, earth is available nearby, requires no transportation and can easily be recycled. Expertise is available in the region both for construction, durability and maintenance.

- The light roof metal structure is economical and can be executed by wrought iron local craftsmen. ETFE foil membrane rolls are inexpensive, unaffected by UV light, atmospheric pollution and other environmental weathering.

- An adjustable water repellent light linen curtain protects the adobe and the veranda. Inexpensive, light and beautiful, it let air breath trough and dries easily. It can be pulled or be fixed to the floor easily by a clasp, when and where needed. Produced locally it encourages linen craft and weaving mill.


Date: (2015-2016)

Location: Near Marrakech, Oed/Hassoun, Dr/Zankara, Ain Neffad.

Client: Amal Ben Brik.

Engineer: Hatem Jamoussi, Optima Engineers (CEO), Tunisia.

Structural Engineer Roof North Africa: Tarek Ghorbel, Abid Med Nabil.

Structural Engineer Roof: Dr. Takanori Yagi, Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.- Dr. Takanori Yagi, Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Stage: Design Development Phase.

Design Team: Adnen Ben Tanfous (Associate Partner), Asma Haddouk, Samir Issad, Kaouther Moussa, Bahroun Khaoula, Abbassi Ibrahim, Mahmoud Abassi.


Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co) in Tunisia 

11 rue d’Alger Nouvelle Medina 3, Ben Arous, Tunis 

Phone: 0021627746277

Bio Philippe Barrière Collective (PB+Co)

Since 1986

In the face of environmental crisis and globalisation, architecture is becoming an instrument to reconcile man with his (cultural, social and environmental) milieu, by either re-investing in this milieu to mitigate the structural deficiencies and/or by fostering its recovery.


Challenging both theory and practice, Philippe Barrière Collective (PB+Co) has developed for the last 30 years a forward-thinking expertise addressing suburbanization (i.e. ParkUrbia), the Interstate Highway System (i.e. Infrastructure Architecture) and to social and humanitarian issues such as homelessness, refugee camps and health crises. More recently it has developed the concept of Hybrid Architecture (i.e High-Low Tech) in the Maghreb region.

This approach has been qualified by the critic Joan Ockman as critical realism (see the book Resolution, Repositioning the Relation between Man and Nature).


By integrating highly competent specialists and manufacturers early in the design process, the Collective succeeds in developing simple, efficient, practical and highly sophisticated cutting edge solutions. For projects images and list see website philippebarrierecollective.com.


Bio Philippe Barrière

Philippe Barrière has engaged in a wide range of activities in the professional, non-profit and academic realm; on national and international levels; and as an architect, architecture critic, urban planner, associate professor and architecture historian.  


Philippe received his degree in architecture from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was granted a scholarship to study at two American graduate programs, at Cranbrook Academy of Art and Cornell University. He received a Master of Sciences in Urban Planning from the Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris, followed by a Master and a Doctorate in Art History at the University Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris).  He worked in the USA as well as France, the Middle East, Venezuela, the French West Indies, Canada and Tunisia. He completed his Master’s Degree in architecture at Pratt Institute in New York, where he worked in offices and later started his own design practice. His writings have been widely published in l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Archi-Cree and other publications; his work and the work of his students has been widely exhibited and published worldwide. He has taught at the New York Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, the University of Texas at Arlington, l’ Université de Montréal, Drury University, the University of Kansas, l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris, l’Ecole d’ Architecture de Université Laval de Québec and l’Université Ibn Khaldoun de Tunis.


The work of Philippe Barrière Collective (PB+Co) has been published in a book titled Resolution: Repositioning the Relation between Man and Nature by A&J Publishers (English and Chinese). Philippe was made a Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature (Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lèttres), an honor bestowed on him by the French Ministry of Culture for his contribution and achievements as an architect in the field of architecture.

Selected critic review

The truly beautiful projects are singular augmentations of the landscape, as found and as built. Each adds not simply an architectural supplement but some social enlargement that changes our view of place. Philippe Barriere strides with gentle, elegant, resolution across the field of life, punctuating the environment with moments of brilliant and mysterious precision.

      - Michael Sorkin, Architect, Contributing Editor for Architectural Record, I.D., and Metropolis.


The work …. is visionary. It takes on the contradictions of today without being so naive as to try to surmount them, and without being so cynical as to merely parody them. The work acknowledges that we are what we consume, and it takes responsibility for this. These problems crave resolutions that show intense imagination and allow for delicate healing. The name for such an approach to architecture is realism. Philippe Barriere is its magician and surgeon.

      - Joan Ockman, historian, critic, educator, former director of the Buell Center for the Study of ‘radical’  American  Architecture at Columbia University.


The architecture of Philippe Barriere magically attaches itself to the commonplace: confronting, enlarging and transforming our understanding of the world and ultimately ourselves.

      - William Menking, Executive editor, the Architects’ Newspaper.


Philippe has one of the most brilliant intellectual minds I have ever encountered …. . He considers architecture a tool for social, cultural and environmental change. In-depth research and a profound thought process are at the basis of all his work. This results in an exceptional intellectual content and underpins his outstanding accomplishments in architecture.

      - Peter Pran, Design Partner, FAIA, MNAL at Peter Pran + H Architects LLC.


The projects are lead and brought to a successful conclusion with rigor, precision and intelligence, from the analysis of the conditions of the subject up to the detailed resolution of the project and the elaboration of its graphic representation and aesthetic. This process is impressive.

      - Odile Decq, Studio Odile Decq, Former Director École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris.


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Press kit | 1136-02 - Press release | Residence-Atelier-Foundation, Marrakech, Maroc - Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)  - Residential Architecture - Plan, section, roof plan. - Photo credit: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
Plan, section, roof plan.
Photo credit: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
High-resolution image
12.32 x 6.57