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Press kit - Press release - Call for Entries: L A M P’s 2017 Lighting Design Competition - L A M P (Lighting Architecture Movement Project)
A v2com exclusive

Call for Entries: L A M P’s 2017 Lighting Design Competition

Vancouver, Canada

L A M P (Lighting Architecture Movement Project)

Design submissions will be viewed by some of the world’s top industry leaders

Vancouver, Canada, 2017-03-15 -

L A M P (Lighting Architecture Movement Project) is preparing for its fifth international lighting design competition and is sending out a call for entries to designers worldwide to participate. Submissions open June 1 and the deadline to submit is December 15, 2017. Visit L A M P for competition details and entry requirements.


This year, L A M P has changed from a yearly event to a biannual event. “Over the four years that we have produced the exhibition, we have gathered feedback on how to improve upon the competition every year. One thing we have realized is that allowing the designers more time could add great value to the work presented.” states L A M P founder Nicole Fox. “This will give designers a longer period of time to create their fixtures and ensure that all chosen finalists will have a functioning design for the exhibition,” adds co-founder Annika Hagen.  In 2017,  L A M P will focus on the competition and the event will take place in Vancouver, Canada in 2018 (date TBC).


L A M P aims to introduce a broader audience to lighting design while promoting and connecting emerging talents to new markets. Each year the competition challenges designers to approach their lighting fixtures with the guidance of a theme. The theme for 2017 and 2018 is BALANCE.


The three categories open for submissions include student, emerging and established designers. After reviewing all submissions, the esteemed panel of judges will make their decisions based on a set evaluation ranging from aesthetics, marketability, innovation, and unique interpretation of the theme word. 


L A M P will announce the 2017-judging panel May 1, 2017. Over the years, L A M P’s judges have included: Michael Anastassiades; Tom Dixon; Niels Bendtsen (Bensen); Omer Arbel (Bocci); Jakub Zak (Patricia Urquiola Studio); Joana Bover (Bover); John Patkau (Patkau Architects); Rosie Li (Roll & Hill); and the team from ANDlight (Lukas Peet, Caine Heintzman and Matt Davis), to name a few.


To submit your lamp, keep up-to-date, or to inquire about sponsorship, visit www.welovelamp.ca

About L A M P 

Established in 2013, L A M P is run by Vancouver founders Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox. L A M P allows designers, architects, and those with an appreciation for design to be part of a growing must-see exhibition that connects the local community with dynamic design. Now in its fifth year,  L A M P looks forward to growing into an internationally recognizable institution for creative minds to showcase their designs. 

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Press kit | 1895-06 - Press release | Call for Entries: L A M P’s 2017 Lighting Design Competition - L A M P (Lighting Architecture Movement Project) - Competition - Janus by Josh Metersky &amp; Aiden Bowman from Brooklyn, NY<br> - Photo credit: Michael Young Photography<br>
Janus by Josh Metersky & Aiden Bowman from Brooklyn, NY
Photo credit: Michael Young Photography
High-resolution image
15.77 x 10.51