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Press kit - Press release - ART SOUTERRAIN closes its 6th edition - Art Souterrain

ART SOUTERRAIN closes its 6th edition

Montreal, Canada

Art Souterrain

Montreal, Canada, 2014-05-22 -

It is with much success that ART SOUTERRAIN closes its 2014 edition. Between March 1st and March 16th, over 100 000 daily guests visited the 7-km underground exhibit, gathering 93 art works by 123 artists, gathered under this year’s theme, Foundations. The festival’s opening night took place as a part of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, on March 1st. Guided by 150 voluntary cultural mediators,116 021 guests (15% augmentation) visited the 15 partner buildings and took part in the various free activities offered by the festival. Parks Canada’s tattoo workshop attracted 200 participants, and Mail Art, the unique activity allowing sending postcards to strangers, attracted over 100 festival-goers for the occasion.

During the 6 Spotlight Events, 4000 festivalgoers took part in 23 free and interactive activities. The guided tours also achieved a notable success, by attracting 1600 participants.

120 contemporary art enthusiasts took part in the nocturnal treasure hunt Ticket to the Arts, which took place on March 15th. Among them, two fortunate winners took home the Great Prizes, offered by Bota Bota, spa on the water, and La Bourgeoise sérigraphe.

About 7000 festival-goers downloaded the free iPhone applicationduring the two weeks of the festival, which sums up to more than the triple downloads during the festival’s previous edition. ART SOUTERRAIN’s website counted 74 896 viewed pages between its Press conference and the end of the festival, and 1600 festival-goersdownloaded the free audioguide.

ART SOUTERRAIN’s Facebook page gained 20% more fans than last year, now counting 8640 fans, most of whom range between the ages 25 and 34, originating from over 40 countries, amongst which Canada, France, the United States of America, and Mexico.

Founded in 2009, ART SOUTERRAIN promotes contemporary art, architecture and the cultural heritage of Montreal's underground city. The festival aims to make art accessible to a larger public by departing from its traditional exposition spaces.


Sofia Bosch

Project Manager



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Press kit | 870-08 - Press release | ART SOUTERRAIN closes its 6th edition - Art Souterrain - Event + Exhibition - Photo credit: 

Marouen Arras
Photo credit: Marouen Arras
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Press kit | 870-08 - Press release | ART SOUTERRAIN closes its 6th edition - Art Souterrain - Event + Exhibition - Photo credit: 

Catherine Dumont
Photo credit: Catherine Dumont
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