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Press kit - Press release - A Look Back on ART SOUTERRAIN’s Press Conference - Art Souterrain

A Look Back on ART SOUTERRAIN’s Press Conference

Montreal, Canada

Art Souterrain

2014 festival’s complete program now available

Montreal, Canada, 2014-02-16 - During ART SOUTERRAIN’s press conference, which took place last Tuesday, February the 18th, Frédéric Loury (Festival founder and director), Sylvie Cordeau (Vice-president of communications, Quebecor) and Nathalie Maillé (Executive director and secretary, Conseil des arts de Montréal) officially revealed the 2014 festival’s complete program and celebrated its near inauguration.

From March 1st to March 16th, 2014, Art Souterrain will be back for its 6th edition. Nearly 100 works of art by both emerging and established international artists will be on display throughout a 7-kilometer underground network, linking 14 buildings, in downtown Montreal. The selected artists will expose their various projects and artworks exploring Foundations, this year’s theme, which invokes the redefinition of culture and reference to identity, the disruption of secular traditions inside communities, and the influence of migration on the individual’s behaviour.

To gain a greater understanding of the importance of foundations in today’s society, for its 2014 edition Art Souterrain will place a large part of its focus on
First Nations contemporary art. At Place Ville-Marie, seven native Canadian artists will showcase their ideas and views on Foundations, under the direction of curator and internationally renowned artist Nadia Myre. David Garneau and Kevin Lee Burton will present video art, Hoop Dancers and S.E.C.K., respectively. By the use of photography, Scott Bensiinaabandan will illustrate the phenomena of uprooting and exile, in Termes d’appartenance. Sébastien Aubin et Neal McLeod will showcase a series of poems in Cree typography. Hannah Claus and Sonia Robertson will reveal two in situ installations, Cloudscapes and Encore Plus Creux.

ART SOUTERRAIN will also be adding many new activities to its program, many of which will take place during Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, March 1st, 2014. At
Place Bonaventure, Maria Ezcurra, Catherine Dong, Khadija Baker, Soufia Bensaid, Geneviève Le Guerrier-Aubry and the SensoriuM Collective will put on various performances, from 8 PM to 1 AM. At the Place Ville Marie, ART SOUTERRAIN has installed a lounge area. Leaf through contemporary art reviews and magazines of our partners, such as ESPACE. Parcs Canada invites its visitors to participate in a temporary tattoo activity at the Complexe Guy Favreau. Additionally, at the Place des Arts, visitors can participate in Art Postal, an activity where one can write postcards to perfect strangers. In the context of the activity Déclic, a professional photographer will photograph festival-goers in front of their favourite artworks in all the buildings of the circuit.

Activities and performances will continue to multiply as the festival unfolds, from March 1st to March 16th 2014, and especially during the Spotlight Events in the collaborating buildings (March 7th, 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th). A new guided tour, Art Cocktail, has also been added to the schedule : from 5 to 7 pm, participants will be guided through two buildings of the festival, before they attend a discussion on art, accompanied by a glass of wine. To reserve a guided tour, consult our website at.

La Camaraderie joins ART SOUTERRAIN to display
Rendez-vous Quelque Part at the Complexe les Ailes. This project invites visitors to tell where they come from and where they are going to. Vidéographe organizes an animation-cinema workshop for young visitors at Montreal's Eaton Center on Sunday March 16th. A workshop of urban improvisation is offered by Audiotopie at the Complexe Desjardins on Sunday, March 9th.. RAAV presents an activity at the Centre CDP Capital which informs about the condition of today's visual artists. Montréal Créative presents an activity called Taxidermie Fruitée at the Place des Arts. Several activities for the whole family will take place in the areas of the Spotlights: Chronique Thématique proposes the public to note their spontanious impressions in notebooks, and the sessions of Cadavre Exquis invite to draw humourously different parts of the human body. To see the complete program of activities, please visit our website: www.artsouterrain.com

Many large-scale works will be installed on the festival’s course. Amongst them,
Mouvements de masse, by emergent artist Jonathan Villeneuve, tries to replicate the movement of reeds dancing in the breeze, creating a hypnotic atmosphere, reminding the spectator of mass production and organization systems. In partnership with L’Avenue Mont-Royal, Lalie Douglas will present Towards Winter at Westcliff, Place de la Cité Internationale. Initially exposed next to the metro station Mont-Royal, Douglas will install her interactive and mysterious boxes, where spectators are invited to discover her oneiric voyage towards the cold season. Place des Arts welcomes Kelly Andres and her Automata for Colour III, a complex installation that mixes video and colorations, illustrating the parallel between ecosystems and computer memory.

To view the festival’s complete program and artist list, please visit our website : www.artsouterrain.com

General info:

Sofia Bosch
Chargée de projet / Project coordinator

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Press kit | 870-06 - Press release | A Look Back on ART SOUTERRAIN’s Press Conference - Art Souterrain - Event + Exhibition - Bertrand Carrière
Bertrand Carrière
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Press kit | 870-06 - Press release | A Look Back on ART SOUTERRAIN’s Press Conference - Art Souterrain - Event + Exhibition - Reinaldo Nino + Camilche Cardenas
Reinaldo Nino + Camilche Cardenas
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