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Press kit - Press release - La Fabrique, art lab(s) and cultural centre in Nantes - Tetrarc

La Fabrique, art lab(s) and cultural centre in Nantes

Nantes, France


Nantes, France, 2013-01-07 - Program_ Design an equipment dedicated to con-temporary and emerging music, assembling together 2 performing show halls (1200, 400 places), 16 re-cording and training studios, spaces for digital exper-imentation, offices, and welcoming public spaces.

Project_ On the “île de Nantes”, La Fabrique takes place on one side of the previous Dubigeon ware-house, near the Alstom warehouse ( the upcoming centre of the “Quartier de la Création”) and the old shipyard turned to great gardens.This context gave Tétrarc the opportunity to gather the recalls of a place abandoned by History and re-mind us that Culture is continuum made of sedimen-tation & fertile rediscovery.

History of places made of industrial warehouses.
History of the techniques that built them, when sci-ence and aesthetic meet up to create a new beauty.
History of the ships built with the strength skills and talents of the workers.

History of artists whose eyes felt on this universe, from Monet, painter of the brand new steel struc-tures, to the Becher who used to forgotten metallic shapes.
Again, History of the industrial production organiza-tion which enable to place under the same roof an experimental workshop, an assembly line, a rectifi-cation workshop, an export site ; all those as a living picture of the concept of flexibility.

The project is made of 3 distinct elements. First, the 400 Hall (with offices upon it) then the 1200 Hall : two parts connected by a public Hall inserted in the concrete post frame of the Halle Dubigeon. Finally the studios take place in a volume suspended above an old air-raid shelter.

Traductor: Matthieu Blanche

september 2011
Building surface//
7222 m2 SHON
Tetrarc architects,
project manager: Michel Bertreux
project director: Rémi Tymen
project study: Guillaume Blanchard
City of Nantes / SAMOA/
structural engineer//
BET Structure_ SERBA
BET Fluides_ AREA
Acoustics_ BAUDE
Multimedia_ VTCI
Running_ OMEGA
Concert hall 1200 seats/ concert hall 400 seats/ 16 recording and training studios/ spac¬es for digital experimentation/ offices/ welcoming public spaces (cafe, restaurant, bar).
main contractor//
Shell building_ ETPO
Metal framework_ ACML
Metal façade (front)_ EMFA
Aluminium millwork_ RENOUARD
Millwork_ GUITTENY
Plasterer_ PIM
Locksmith trade_ CMR
Lift_ CFA
Heating, ventilation_ HERVÉ THERMIQUE
Electricity_ INÉO

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Press kit | 898-04 - Press release | La Fabrique, art lab(s) and cultural centre in Nantes - Tetrarc - Institutional Architecture - Photo credit: Stéphane Chalmeau
Photo credit: Stéphane Chalmeau
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