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Press kit - Press release - Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project - Bromont Real Estate

Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project

Bromont, Canada

Bromont Real Estate

Bromont Real Estate offers over 300 new Novoclimat 2.0-certified homes just steps from the slopes! 

Montréal, Canada, 2015-10-19 -

Bromont Real Estate, developer of inspired, innovative dwellings, is introducing a new real estate project this fall. Faubourg 1792 was officially launched yesterday at an open house hosted by the corporation. The project, which is the region’s first Novoclimat 2.0-certified neighbourhood, covers an area of 20 hectares and is located in the heart of Bromont Village, just 5 minutes away from the ski slopes. Faubourg 1792 has a future worth of over $80 million and was developed in association with the firm Blouin-Tardif Architecture. The interior design was given to the company Cyr-Cathcart. It features 300 condos, townhouses, semi-detached homes and duplexes surrounded by 3.5 kilometres of multipurpose trails connected to the attractions of this magnificent region.

Inspired dwellings

Bromont Real Estate, a family-owned business created in 1960, has been innovating for four generations, driven by a solid commitment to creating outstanding living environments with a focus on sustainable development.


The new real estate project follows in this tradition. “When you choose Faubourg 1792, you’re choosing more than a house. You’re making the decision to live in an eco-friendly, community-minded environment where generations mingle and come together,” President and CEO Charles Désourdy explained.

Côte Est: New units available

Always mindful of the community and the environment, Bromont Real Estate would also like to announce the launch of new units in the Côte Est project nestled in the heart of a lush forest overlooking the Eastern Townships. This second-home development is highly coveted and considered to be low-density. Situated a few metres from the ski resort, it gives residents the chance to be the last ones out of bed, but the first to hit the slopes!


About Bromont Real Estate  

Bromont Real Estate, a well-known, forward-looking corporation recognized for its innovation and commitment to the community, is the developer behind the “One City, Six Dwellings” residential real estate projects. They are Val des Irlandais, Bagot,  Prés Verts, Versants Boisés, Côte Est and,  more recently, Faubourg 1792.  Its innovative spirit has not gone unnoticed, since the Côte Est project earned two awards at the APCHQ’s 2012 Concours Domus. The Bromont real estate team earned the Multifamily Residential Development of the Year award and was honoured in the Single-family Homes from $260,000 to $500,000 category. 

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Press kit | 1617-04 - Press release | Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project - Bromont Real Estate - Real Estate - Outside Faubourg 1792 - Photo credit: Savitri Bastiani
Outside Faubourg 1792
Photo credit: Savitri Bastiani
High-resolution image
12.0 x 8.0
Press kit | 1617-04 - Press release | Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project - Bromont Real Estate - Real Estate - Inside Faubourg 1796  - Photo credit: Savitri Bastiani
Inside Faubourg 1796 
Photo credit: Savitri Bastiani
Medium-resolution image
7.87 x 5.25