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Newsroom - Press release - Rennes Metropole's Crematorium - PLAN01 architects

Rennes Metropole's Crematorium


PLAN01 architects

Rennes, France, 2010-04-11

Creating a new ceremonial

Rennes, France, 2010-04-11 - Largely marginal in the 1970’s, cremation has experienced a slow but regular progress for the last 20 years, reaching a 29% rate today. In 2030, cremation will become the main funeral practice in France, outreaching the symbolic 50% rate. This true reversal of traditions underlines the progessive spreading of cremation, both geographically, outside major urban centres, and socially, religious and olde...
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Newsroom - Press release - Le 49 - APOLLO Architects & Associates Co., Ltd

Le 49


APOLLO Architects & Associates Co., Ltd

Tokyo, Japan, 2010-04-10
Tokyo, Japan, 2010-04-10 - Located on Mount Kamakura, this site boasts a stunning view overlooking Sagami Bay. The clients, a husband-and-wife couple who had been living in a high-rise condominium in downtown Tokyo, fell in love with the location at first sight, taking an instant liking to the view and the lush green surroundings, and decided to move here. The husband is a keen architecture buff who went on architectural tours throug...
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Newsroom - Press release - P.NT2 “Belgian Building Award 2010” - BOB361 architects

P.NT2 “Belgian Building Award 2010”


BOB361 architects

Brussels, Belgium, 2010-04-05

P.Nt2 Renovation Towards A Habitat-Work Environment: Concrete Interventions

Brussels, Belgium, 2010-04-05 -

Transformation of a former orfevery towards an environment for habitation and work. One day the site was silted up. Due to partial demolitions, it obtained a larger permeability which means that each of the spaces was provided with plenty of air and light. This allows the transformation into live and working spaces. The redevelopment contains a privacy gradient between public boulevard, semipublic cour...

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Newsroom - Press release - Daisy - Demacker Design



Demacker Design

Munich, Germany, 2010-04-04
Munich, Germany, 2010-04-04 -

Jongform launches Daisy. Daisy is inspired by crystalline shapes and their strong expression. The strong angles and lines of the compact seat give it a pure and dynamic look that seems to forward into the room the chair is placed in. The seating area of the chair stands out of the monoblock body of the seat and invites the user to sit down and being embraced by the back and armrest. The upholstered chair is...

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Newsroom - Press release - U-HOUSE - Natalie Dionne Architecture



Natalie Dionne Architecture

Montreal, Canada, 2010-03-31

The U-HOUSE opens onto an inner courtyard- shutting out urban chaos.

Montreal, Canada, 2010-03-31 -

Situated on the outskirts of a residential Montreal neighbourhood, near a railway line, the U-HOUSE exists in an entirely urban context. However, the U shape takes advantage of the open central space, creating an oasis protected from the surrounding environment. The walls that frame the courtyard are finely crafted of articulated wood and glass panels which can be opened and closed. Weather permitting,...

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Newsroom - Press release - The Montarville - Boucher De la Bruère Public Library - BGLA | Architecture + Design urbain

The Montarville - Boucher De la Bruère Public Library


BGLA | Architecture + Design urbain

Montreal, Canada, 2010-03-31

A Place for Discovery, Open to Knowledge and to the World

Montreal, Canada, 2010-03-31 - The Montarville - Boucher la Bruère Public Library is located in the downtown core of Boucherville, a town of 40,000 situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River just east of the Island of Montreal. Built more than 25 years ago, the municipal library needs to expand and reconfigure its existing facilities so that it can better pursue its mission and provide services in accordance with new and emergi...
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